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As the first of its kind, Intelligent Transform Engine (XITE) is an infant within the future market for intelligent rule processing tools. As such, Quantum offers multiple training options to educate businesses and individuals on the power and rule methodology of XITE. These options include:
Classroom Training:  Quantum conducts onsite and offsite classroom training featuring XITE and XML related topics. These classes include comprehensive day-long courses as well as hourly tutorials. Delivered by trained professionals with experience in XML, students of these courses will be taught a range of topics, including: XITE architecture, XITE rules methodology, web service orientation and creation, vertical suite orientation (SphereRx/FinanceX/PublishX), and intermediate/advanced XML.
Telephone Training:  Primarily for professional programmers, Quantum offers telephone training services on a package and hourly basis. This offering primarily relates to XITE specific and non-interactive questions.

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