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In conjunction with its partners, Quantum offers implementation services for XITE Enterprise, Enterprise Web Services, and the various vertical suites. These services include:
Enterprise System Assessment:  In order to best assess how XITE will improve your business processes, Sphere can conduct an enterprise system assessment to scope those systems for which a business is exploring the use of XITE. This assessment includes, but is not limited to: legacy data dependency, resource underutilization, business/partner information leakage, and data redundancy.
Legacy to XML Conversion:  Due to XITE's focus on the transformation of XML, Sphere offers a conversion service that will port legacy information in multiple standard formats into robust XML. This can be accomplished through a system revamp, which requires a larger resource investment, or can be done using XITE, which requires less resources and subsequently allows for resources to be invested elsewhere.
Intelligent Rule Optimization:  In an effort to identify those areas where XITE's rules methodology will provide the greatest "bang for the buck", Sphere offers an intelligent rule optimization service. The resulting deliverable from this service is a report indicating which specific web services are best for a business' needs, potential customized web service recommendations, and actual implementation of those web services selected by a business from the initial report. In conjunction with an implementation engagement, Sphere will account for a business' resource thresholds and develop a plan to integrate XITE and its respective web services on a schedule from most to least vital.

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