The Quantum Approach
Quantum begins by RESEARCHING your business environment, plans for growth, and technology needs and desires. The researching phase includes meeting with the necessary individuals including internal I.T. staff and interviewing pertinent end users to become familiar with your current technology environment. Quantum also performs a diagnostic review, providing you with recommendations based on our system exepertise.
After Quantum fully assesses the technology environment, we DEVELOP A STRATEGY that is customized to fit your business operations. The strategy will outline the project, providing diagrams, timelines, and all costs to the client. Quantum employees are trained to think strategically so that each of our clients will gain a clear picture of their current and proposed environment.
When the strategy is fully developed, Quantum will IMPLEMENT the plan. The plan may involve any one of the combination of services, including:
  • Installing Networks and Integrating Systems
  • Developing Remote Access and Connectivity Solutions
  • Programming and Database Development
  • Building or Expanding Software Solutions
  • Implementing Web-enabling Technologies
  • Installing proper Security Devices
  • Managing the acquisition of Hardware/Software
After the specific project is completed, Quantum will TRAIN necessary users on how to operate any new systems, software, or hardware. Quantum may train individually or in groups, depending on your needs. Frequently, presentations are used to train end users.
Finally, Quantum will MONITOR the environment to ensure that all strategy goals are being met and all end users are trained properly.
This approach has allowed Quantum to fully satisfy the technology needs of our clients. Whether we employ a large-scale enterprise solution or a more modest approach, we tailor our approach to your individual needs.

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